01. ACE 2020 A 106

Treating construction interdependences from the perspective of Public Procurement Law. An example of Spanish division into lots legislation
– Martínez Lorenzo, D.L. (Hasselt University, Belgium)

02 . ACE 2020 A 102

Investigating the Influence of Light Shelf on Daylight Performance, A Case Study of School Building
– Baten, P. , Joarder, M.A.R. (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh)

03.  ACE 2020 A 107

Effects of Green Roofing Treatment on Indoor Thermal Performance of Mid-Rise Residential Apartment Buildings: A Case Study of Dhaka, Bangladesh
– Tabassum, A., Baten, P., Rahman, A. (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh)

04.  ACE 2020 A 103

Noise And Health in Vulnerable Groups: A Case Study of A Diagnostic Clinic for Autistic Children in Mohammedpur, Dhaka
– Tabassum, A., Imam, S. M. N.(Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh)

05. ACE 2020 A 170

Numerical Simulation of Fully Encased Composite Columns with High Strength Concrete
– Tasnuva Binte Amin, Aurnab Khisa, Fazlay, Rahim Lasker Rishan, Md.Soebur.Rahman (Military Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh)
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06. ACE 2020 A 134

Conveyor System Fatalities in Alberta, Canada: A Thematic Analysis of Contributing Factors
– Southgate, L. M., (Ton Duc Thang University , Vietnam)
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07. ACE 2020 – A 135

Influencing Safety in Design Through Proactive Leadership Engagement: A Case Study
– Southgate, L. M.(Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam)
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08. ACE 2020 A 189

Imroving The Quality of Work spaces for a better Human Performance
– Baher I. Farahat, Helga O. Alaeddine (Beirut Arab University, Lebanon)


09. ACE 2020 A 171

Unfolding Aqueduct System of Step Well at Nahargarh, Jaipur
– Mirajkar, D. S., Agarwal, N. (D Y Patil School of Architecture, India)
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10. ACE 2020 A 121

Critical Regionalism in the United Arab Emirates: An Overview
– Sundara Vadhana Gurushev (Manipal Academy of Higher Education-Dubai Campus , United Arab Emirates)

11. ACE 2020 A 156

Biomimetic as a Design of Double Skin Façade Techniques: Simulation Analysis of Bionic building of Energy Performance in Egypt
 – Ayah Elkhiary ,Hossam Moftah (Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, Cairo, Egypt )

12. ACE 2020 A 169

Assessing the Social Impact of the Public Realm in Waterfront Regeneration
– Samira Awwal(University of Nottingham, United Kingdom)

13. ACE 2020 A 180

Encouraging Optional Activities by Creating Good Quality Public Realm in Streets
– Samira Awwal (University of Nottingham,United Kingdom)
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14. ACE 2020 A 184

Seismic Vulnerability of RC Buildings using Gross and Cracked Section As Per Indian Provisions
– Gondaliya K.M1, Amin J.A2, Vasanwala S.A3 , Desai A.K1 (1Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, India ,2Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology,India)
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15. ACE 2020 A 119

A Phenomenological Narrative of the Wall
– A.Sadanand,R.V.Nagarajan (AnnaUniversity, India)
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16. ACE 2020 A 115

Correlation of Electrical Resistivity of Soil with Geotechnical Parameters in Gombe, Northern Nigeria
– Abubakar Magaji1, Mathais Yakubu1, Huriye Bilsel2(1Federal Polytechnic Mubi Adamawa Northern ,Nigeria, 2Cyprus international University Turkey)